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#SaveTheFutureBoners - say "Doctors of the Penis"

December 16, 2021 Professor Declan Murphy & Dr Renu Eapen
GU Cast
#SaveTheFutureBoners - say "Doctors of the Penis"
Show Notes

Of all the public health messages out there about the merits of getting vaccinated against COVID, there is one that stands out from the crowd. It's the #SaveTheFutureBoners campaign, warning men that COVID may lead to a significant increased risk of erectile dysfunction!  The campaign is led by a  group of urologists in the US called Urologists United for Vaccination Education, and they have posted a fantastic video online to punch home this message. Must watch!
We are joined today by two leading urologists specialising in sexual health who are very involved in this campaign; Dr Amy Pearlman (Iowa City, Iowa) and Dr Ashley Winter (Portland, Oregan). What a fantastic chat! Enjoy, and men - get vaccinated and save your future boners!

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