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VISION - "a dilapidated, delinquent, unethical control arm"

October 22, 2021 Professor Declan Murphy
GU Cast
VISION - "a dilapidated, delinquent, unethical control arm"
Show Notes

So said UCSF Oncologist and major league podcaster Dr Vinay Prasad in his recent Plenary Session podcast, reviewing the VISION trial in NEJM. We have already covered VISION here at GU Cast, but we decided to invite Vinay on the podcast to de-visit VISION and other aspects of trial design. Vinay is a Haematologist Oncologist at the University of California, San Francisco, and researcher interested in health policy. He is author of "Malignant", and has huge listenership to his Plenary Session Podcast and YouTube channel. He is certainly not afraid to call out issues with trial design and health policy! We have often used clips of his on GU Cast to illustrate issues with GU trials.
Plus we welcome back Professor Michael Hofman, Nuclear Medicine Physician who leads all things PSMA at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.
Regular hosts Dr Renu Eapen and Professor Declan Murphy at the helm.

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