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PCF Global Prostate Ca Webinar - TheraP trial

February 26, 2021 Professor Declan Murphy
GU Cast
PCF Global Prostate Ca Webinar - TheraP trial
Show Notes

GU Cast is back! Declan and Renu took a break over the Melbourne Summer and are fully recharged with a great schedule of podcasts coming up for 2021.
We kick off today with the fourth in our series of webinar collaborations with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the ProsTIC team at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Today's webinar had 589 live attendees from more than 40 countries, tuning in to hear the latest in PSMA theranostics for advanced prostate cancer. 
ON GU Cast today we cross-post the audio from today's webinar focussing on the TheraP trial, recently published in the Lancet. TheraP is the first randomised trial of 177Lutetium PSMA theranostics, and is one of the most exciting areas of research in prostate cancer today.
We are joined by both the first and senior authors, Professors Michael Hofman and Professor Ian Davis, as well as key members of the team who put this together, including funders, industry partners, and a panel of expert key opinion leaders including panellist Professor Louise Emmett.
Special thanks to Dr Howard Soule and Dr Andrea Miyahira from the PCF, as well as Professor Michael Hofman and Annette Van Der Heyden from ProsTIC for putting this together.

TheraP page at ANZUP
Full webinar on YouTube