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FDA approves PSMA PET/CT! We chat with UCSF team

December 03, 2020 Professor Declan Murphy
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FDA approves PSMA PET/CT! We chat with UCSF team
Show Notes

Big day today with the approval of Ga68-PSMA PET/CT by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). The FDA have approved a combined academic application from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and means that those two centres now have FDA approval to use PSMA PET/CT for staging newly-diagnosed prostate cancer, as well as those with suspected recurrence following previous treatment.
Today we chat with the UCSF team behind the application, led by Dr Thomas Hope, Nuclear Medicine Physician and Radiologist, and his urology colleagues Dr Peter Carroll and Dr Matt Cooperberg. Fantastic discussion about what this means for access to PSMA PET/CT across the whole country; what it means for trial design; what other agents are on the horizon; and a steal peak from Dr Carroll about other research areas in PSMA he is exploring at UCSF.
Regular hosts Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen are joined once again by Professor Michael Hofman, Nuclear Medicine Physician at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

FDA news release on PSMA PET/CT
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