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Let’s Visit…the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

May 06, 2022 Professor Declan Murphy & Dr Renu Eapen
GU Cast
Let’s Visit…the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Show Notes

Declan Murphy stops off at the world-famous Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam for a couple of days to visit his old friend, Professor Henk van der Poel. Henk is Consultant Urologist and Chief of Urology at the NKI, and leads a fantastic team with world-renowned expertise in GU oncology. 

Declan spends a day in the operating room to watch Henk perform robotic radical prostatectomy and extended pelvic lymph node dissection using a fluorescence-guided approach to detect sentinel lymph nodes, and hears the latest about Henk’s ongoing trials in this area. 

He then spends a day engaging with some of Henk’s collaborators and PhD students, and has a sit-down chat with Henk and Dr Hilda de Barros who recently published a very nice manuscript in European Urology on PSMA radio-guided surgery.

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Netherlands Cancer Institute
de Borras et al European Urology paper
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