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March 14, 2022 Professor Declan Murphy & Dr Renu Eapen
GU Cast
Show Notes

Today Declan and Renu chat with two young doctors who have spent the past few weeks on the Poland-Ukraine border, helping with the refugee crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Just amazing stories of desperation and tragedy, with some inspiring tales of resilience and generosity.
Dr Laura Bukavina is a Urology Fellow at Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia, and Dr Alberto Castro is a research Fellow at Fox Chase, soon to start his urology residency. Laura is a Ukrainian and tells the story of why she got on a plane as soon as the invasion started, and headed for the Ukrainian border. Alberto joined her within a few days. Some amazing stories.
To do what you can to help, please visit Laura's gofundme page and make a donation.

GU Cast hosts are Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen

We also cross-posted this on YouTube including some amazing photos and videos from the border. Well worth a watch.

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